Sydney rock band The Vines have sold over two million albums worldwide, with the debut album reaching the top 10 in the US, Japan, UK & Australia.

Starting out in 2002, The Vines exploded into prominence alongside with The Strokes and The White Stripes and a resurgence in glamorous rock music.

The Vines scored the fabled cover of NME five times in 2002 and became the first Australian band in 21 years to be on the prestigious cover of the US magazine the Rolling Stone (the prior artist was ‘Men At Work’).

The Vines incendiary and unpredictable live show went to the top of the “best of” polls Glastonbury & Coachella,  and infamous TV performances on the David Letterman show and Jay Leno added to the bands notoriety.

2013 has The Vines sixth album in the incubator and an announcement coming about a new and the first collaborative side project from Craig Nicholls.